International Symposium Effects of Surface Heterogeneity in Adsorption, Catalysis and related Phenomena

Scope of the symposium

  • Surfaces, nanostructures, interfaces and biointerfaces.
  • New and traditional 2D and 3D materials.
  • Fundamentals and applications of surface engineering including nanoscale surface modifications.
  • Characterization of heterogeneous surfaces.
  • Modelling of solid surfaces (fundamental theories, molecular simulations, pore network modelling, etc.).
  • Experimental, theoretical and computational studies of adsorption, catalysis & other phenomena in micro- and mesopores.
  • Adsorption at the solid/liquid interface.
  • Diffusion, flow and transport phenomena in solids.
  • Applications related to enhanced surface heterogeneity: adsorption, catalysis, separation, gas storage, electrochemistry, functional surfaces & coatings as well as other phenomena.
  • Biomedical applications of nanonstructures.