The organizers recommend choosing one of the two airports that are the closest to Lublin: the International Chopin Airport in Warsaw (~160 km from Lublin) or the local Lublin Airport (10 km from the city center). One can choose train, bus or taxi to get from the airport to the symposium place.

Lublin can also be reached by train: PKP.

More information can be found on city website:

Public transportation

The main public transportation in Lublin is by buses and trolleybuses.
The tickets can be bought:

  • in the bus (ticket machine), on the bus stops (ticket machine) or in the kiosks; 3,20 PLN (normal)
  • from bus driver;  4,00 PLN (normal)

You need coins to buy ticket in the ticket machine on the bus or from the bus driver.
You can easily find your way using the pathfinder site:


The price of a taxi to the hotel Mercure (UMCS) is:
from the Airport Lublin - about 60 (day) - 90 (night) PLN;
from the Bus Station - about 12-15 PLN;
from the Main Railway Station - about 12-20 PLN

Important addresses

Symposium venue
Institute of Computer Science, 9 Akademicka Str.
note that there is no municipal transport bus stops immediately at the UMCS location; the nearest stops at a walking distance are: Ogrod Saski 03 or KUL 03 (Catholic University of Lublin).

Mercure Hotel
12 Raclawickie Av.

Village Museum
96 Warszawska Av. (buses 18, 20, 30 from the bus stop Ogród Saski 03, 18,30 - direction Slawinkowska; 20 - direction Debowka)

Dominican Monastery
9 Zlota Str., the Old City of Lublin (20 min. walk from the hotel Mercure)

Also please check the locations using Google maps:

How to get to the hotel Mercure or Maria Curie-Sklodowska University?

Railway station PKP  -> Mercure Hotel, UMCS
the names of the bus stops: Dworzec Gł. PKP 02  Ogrod Saski 03 (lines: 30, 13)

Bus station PKS -> Mercure Hotel, UMCS
the names of the bus stops: Dworzec Gl. PKS 02 -> Ogrod Saski 03 (lines: 2, 10, 18, 31, 57)

Airport Lublin -> Mercure Hotel, UMCS
First: Airport Lublin - przyloty 02 ->Dworzec Gl. PKS 02 (line: 5)
Next: Dworzec Gl. PKS 02 -> Ogrod Saski 03 (lines: 2, 10, 18, 31, 57)