All the contributions at ISSHAC-10, both oral presentations and posters are eligible for publication (one per participant) in the ISSHAC-10 special issue of Adsorption, the Journal of the International Adsorption Society. The manuscripts will be subjected to the peer-review procedure of the journal. The possibility of publication must comply with the usual quality standards of Adsorption.

This journal aims at publication of papers including novel ideas and data in the field of adsorption, experimental, theoretical as well as new adsorptive materials and processes. An innovative aspect in the field of adsorption and its applications are the basis for publication.

The Journal has currently an impact factor of 1.829, so we want not only to maintain it, but also increase, so we should take care about the subject matter and high standard for the benefit of the authors and readers.

Our aim is publication of the special issue in a short time, so all manuscripts should be submitted as soon as possible, definitely before 30 November 2018. Also, if possible please get help from a person with a good command of English to correct typos and other grammatical errors. Carefully check your manuscript for figure numbering, references, tables. This can speed up the reviewing, acceptance and publication procedures.

When submitting, you should also suggest 3-5 internationally known reviewers to help the Editor select adequate reviewers of your paper. The Author Comments can be used for names and email addresses of proposed reviewers.

You can use either the Springer website of the Journal or the Submission website to enter your manuscript. Select ISSHAC-10 as the paper type.